Is it possible to print a 3DPhoto in a different format from the ones available?
Yes it is, but with some limitations. Contact us to know more.

What's the level of strength of 3D photos?
The strength of the sculpture depends by chalk properties and the particular geometry of the details.
Parts like hands, ears, nose could break in case of fall; however, the use of high quality chemical fixatives, like cyanoacrilat, allow the increment of the mechanical strength features and the protection of the chromatic ones.
The surface could appear damaged, or desaturated, in case of long exposition to sun rays, at higher temperature than 50°, humidity and water.
We advise then to handle the sculpture with care.

I have broken my 3DPhoto, can I fix it?
Yes, if the entity of the damage is limited and the parts involved are of medium size.
Based on our experience we advise you to use instant glue to fix broken parts (eg. SuperAttack).

Are 3D photos foodsafe?
No, they are not. Chalk products, moreover, are not washable, recyclable, or usable like toys for children. Objects must not be in contact with food and drinks.

If I want my exact replication?
Would you like an i-mini in chalk or plastic? Visit www.imini3d.com, another brand created by EUMAKERS, and discover all our products,

Can the3dphoto sell my photo to third party?
Absolutely no, unless you want it.

Can I order a copy of my photo?
Of course. We keep in our database the digital files. For further information click here.

Can the3dphoto use my photo for advertising purposes?
Yes, but only if you give us your approval during your purchase.

Where are the photos made?
The labs and machines are property of the3dphoto and are located in Italy; This give us the chance to guarantee you a quality product and sensibly reduce the delivery times.
Delivery time is 10 working days starting from your payment.

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